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DIAD is a guru-rich provider that specializes in keeping our clients ahead of the ever-evolving curve, by installing and managing state-of-the-art wide area networks. We are a profitable, privately held, female-owned company, founded in 2011 by visionaries who hired the most qualified innovators in network technology.

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Too much, too fast. The world of Information Technology is moving at an impossibly fast pace. Computing is transitioning to the Cloud. With the convenience and seeming financial benefits, come the challenges of managing drastic changes, coping with new security issues, and reeducating both staffers and users. If any of this is daunting, or you feel you could use a hand...

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We will evaluate the present operation and make reccomendations based on our findings. We will determine what parts of your operation can and should be moved, to where they should be moved, and how to secure them in their new environment. We always aim for economy and productivity.

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The Challenge

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DIAD has developed an innovative line of products for the modern IT environment that surpasses the competition both in design and function. Of major importance, we address the growing need to mitigate the inherent insecurity of the Cloud with an array of products. These products range from a Cloud environment with all the advantages of accessibility on a private secure network to software designed to secure and enhance the public cloud.

We Are Here for You

We Can provide file sharing, document collaboration , onsite or off site backup and storage all within the confines of a healthy robust private network. We rely on our own robust national backbone to provide either public or private access. We also believe in fixed costs that end up costing you far less than services provided on a per usage basis.

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